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Our History

Glais House was originally a large, family home in the tranquil village of Glais, Swansea.

Approximately 30 years ago the house was bought by two nurses who turned the house into a nursing home for elderly ladies and gentlemen with thirteen bedrooms. This is currently the Bottom Unit of Glais House Nursing Home. From the early beginnings, Glais House focused on delivering outstanding care in a homely environment.

The Original, Homely Bottom unit of Glais House

Glais House developed a positive reputation in the community and faced growing demand for its services. As one of the nurses’ husbands was a builder, the duo extended the original home by adding eleven new bedrooms. This is the Middle Unit of Glais House Nursing Home today.

Seven years ago the Top Unit of Glais House was purpose built with sixteen en-suite bedrooms.

Glais House now ranks as one of South Wales’ quality nursing homes for the elderly and frail.

In October 2011 Glais House was bought by our new owners, the Directors of Glais House Care Ltd. Further plans for even more improvements are already in progress to make Glais House a best in class home from home, offering first class accommodation, facilities and care for our residents.

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