All rooms are decorated and equipped to a standard that we would expect for ourselves. We look at the rooms as the place where our own family members would feel comfortable and be happy to live in.

We provide care in 45 single rooms and 2 shared rooms. We have different types of rooms from standard and larger rooms, with and without en suite facilities, showers and balconies.

  • En suite rooms: 16
  • En suite (with shower):  10 (8 with balconies)

All bedrooms have profiling beds, nurse call systems, sensors of a different type i.e. static, portable or floor sensors. Other specialist equipment i.e. crash mats, bedrails extensions, repose equipment are in place as per individuals’ assessed needs.

Specialist bathing/shower facilities

We have 3 walk-in showers and use a number of different shower chairs based on the needs of individuals. We have 3 Corendo shower chairs which are not only comfortable for the individuals but also very easy to use and beneficial for staff when it comes to moving and handling. We have 2 baths – Malibu and Parker sensory bath which are great for individuals who enjoy find bathing relaxing.

Our rooms seamlessly blend the traditional with the latest in technology, including having Skype & wifi Access. The phone system is wireless – so individuals are able to speak to their friends and relatives in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms.